The best road-racing cyclist in the world spent only several days in Utrecht as the Tour de France got underway in Holland last 4th of July. However, the Dutch city hopes that they’d leave a lasting legacy as they will be staging the Grand Depart; a legacy that is similar to the benefits of 2014’s sendoff yielded to Cambridge, London, and Yorkshire.

The Grand Depart of 2014 made a remarkable impact on the host region’s economy as they profited to about £128m, which is more than what London and Kent achieved in 2007’s Grand Depart.

What Legacy Means

However, legacy would mean different things to different communities, governments, as well as the business and sports industry. Cycle Yorkshire, a non-profit organization established by City of York Council, had set 5 legacy targets for the Grand Depart in 2014. These were: (1) having more people join cycling; (2) making it a lot easier for people to choose cycling; (3) increasing awareness of cycling events; (4) producing greater amount of awareness about cycling; and (5) promoting a flourishing network of businesses and social enterprises related to cycling.

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Will this year be a Legacy?

According to Nicky Roche, the overseer of last year’s Grand Depart and this year’s chair of the major events panel of UK sport, thinks this year’s event have met the legacy targets. She said, “Three-and-a-half-million people turned out on the Great Depart route and when we did a survey 50% of them said they would cycle more often.”

Legacy Gains

Aside from online casino bonussen, cycling is seen as among the key areas of legacy gains during the London Olympics. It is expected for them to produce an inward investment of about £6bn in their 4 years to 2016.

The president of the Union Cycliste Internationale, Brian Cookson, said, “We had 100 new cycling clubs in the 3 months after London 202. British Cycling’s membership doubled in a year. In 1996, we had 15,000 members. Now, it is a record 100,000 and still growing.”

Online dating is this generation’s another way of searching for partners. However, some have been wary about their safety in getting into such social trend.

Now, getting into online dating can be safety through the newly introduced technology. A certain Cristy Marrero said that she is so happy to have found her boyfriend through an online datingsite.

How to be Safe?

She recalled how she had taken some safety measures towards entertaining suitors online. She said, as one of her measures, she told one of her friends about her arranged date and took screen shots or send the link of the person she’s about to meet. Moreover, she made a point to tell her friend where and when the meeting would be and after getting home, she had to call her friend that she’s safe.

Definitely, Marrero’s strategy can be considered a good one and it had really worked for her. As of the record of 2012, there were about 4, 400 complaints that reached to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint concerning cyber-crimes as well as online dating issues.


What Zoosk do?

Every now and then, problems with dating apps or sites arise especially with the presence of GPS that allows online dating apps users who are on the same area to be paired and meeting would be easier.

  • Removing Threat

A senior manager of the famous mobile dating app Zoosk, named David Pederson said that danger is present online. However, what they do is to remove immediately any suspicious account on their site especially if they feel it could pose danger.

  • Photo Verification

Most common setting of a couple meeting is the bar and both could only have a picture and the name of the person he/she is going to meet. To augment safety, Zoosk, introduced the so-called “Photo Verification.” According to Pederson, this feature allows one to upload a 7-second video selfie and have it sent to the moderator. After that, the moderator would check if the photo is the same with photos that one has on his/her profile; and if it does, then the photo would be verified.

Fortunately, according to Zoosk, this feature has really helped minimized the presence of fake profiles and they said that only Zoosk has this kind of feature.

Moreover, it also helps attract more people to register with Zoosk since it gives them higher sense of security and they can be sure that what they have seen on the profile is the same person they are about to meet through “Photo Verification.”

Recently, a poll has found out a great number of Americans that online dating is one good way in searching for a partner. And despite the issues coming out about online dating, it is still a thriving industry. Fortunately, there are now new technologies developed to reduce the risk of getting into trouble online.

Summer is finally here but with the increasing popularity of crop tops, flip flops, and cutoffs, it comes with the dreaded task of removing unwanted hairs. Before you cringe at the sight of a razor on your dresser, you should know that there are plenty of hair removal options that you should consider; one being the laser cap. You may have learned a lot about this today, but you’re probably wondering if this laser treatment works.

Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani, M.D. from the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center said, “Absolutely it works. It’s the most common medical aesthetic procedure being performed in centers throughout the world.”

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Despite its increasing popularity, most people nowadays still think that this procedure is impossible and it happens only in the movies. However, laser removal of hair actually works with the use of a pulsating beam of light that targets each of our hair follicle in order to stop the impending hair growth.

“The way it works is that the laser light latches on to the hair follicle going underneath your skin and traveling down to the root of the hair. The laser is using your hair to absorb heat. We all know wearing black colors in the summer will absorb more sun than wearing white. The darker the color, the more heat absorption,” says Adriana Martino, a laser medical esthetician and the founder of New York City’s SKINNEY Medspa.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal tends to be more long-lasting compared to shaving and waxing, it is actually costly in comparison. But despite it’s being expensive, it also has many advantages.

Dr. Yazdani said, “One of the biggest advantages of laser hair removal is the speed of the treatment in comparison electrolysis, which is much more time consuming. If the technique is performed properly, it can be less painful than other methods and is more effective for removing hair from large areas such as backs and legs.”

Note, however, that like any other beauty treatment, it also has its disadvantages such as the side effects. Side effects actually vary depending on the person.

Dr. Yazdani explains, “There can be side effects that can range from itching or swelling which will disappear after a few days to more serious but rare side effects like burning, skin discoloration, blistering, and infection.”

Although this treatment generally gets the job done, there are certain hair types that have a better shot at success with the procedure compared to the others.

“Since the laser targets melanin (pigment that gives skin and hair color), people with dark hair (more melanin) have more success with this treatment than people with light hair,” Dr. Yazdani added.

Aside from that, cost is also a disadvantage.

“The cost of treatment varies by the size of the area being treated. Several treatments are needed (usually 6 to 8) to remove hair from the desired area. The time each session takes will depend on how big the hair removal area is,” Dr. Yazdani said.

To put it simply, laser treatment removes hair longer compared to manual removal through shaving and waxing; however, it won’t guarantee permanent hair removal.

So far, in the last 10 years, Scotch whisky did a great job with their 115 distilleries all over the country, working round-the-clock to produce world-class whiskies to cater 200 markets all over the world. About forty bottles of Scotch whisky are shipped abroad every second, this contributes to about £5bn of the balance of payments in the UK. However, the success of their whiskies came at a price.

The Scotch Whisky Association is now working 24/7 to block attempts of some companies worldwide in passing off their products to boost the country’s profits. In one of the recent news, the industry body revealed that the proceedings were authorized against 19 various brands in the previous year: it covered Belgium, Curacao, China, Ecuador, Germany, France, New Zealand, India, Scotland and the Netherlands. Scotch whisky has been protected as a GI (Geographical Indication); this means that the product can be produced only in Scotland, according to the rules of the UK. However, this did not stop imitators; they came up with different ingenious ways just to avoid the laws and will be protected.

Scotch Whisky

The facts and figures of Scotch whisky in 2014 are the following:

  • Exports generated was about £3.95billion, it is equivalent to £125 per second.
  • Each second, 38 bottles were shipped abroad.
  • Over 10,000 people are employed directly in the industry.
  • About 115 distilleries were licensed for the production of Scotch.
  • Scotch whisky accounted for about 25% of all the UK exports in terms of food and drinks.

Magnus Cormack, director of legal affairs in SWA said that the organization has around 60-70 active legal cases in thirty different countries, at the same time, the trademark oppositions reached 300 and it is increasing coming from 20 countries. He said, the issues involved are simple fraud like passing drinks labelled as Scotch whisky even if they are not and subtle attempts of dressing up products so that they look like Scotch. Last year, the association acted against Highlander, a brand from Bulgaria.

With this growing concern, Cormack said: “With the litigation internationally we have to draw on the expertise of lawyers in other countries to actually do the groundwork”.

On Tuesday, FBI had reported the result of their studies regarding cybercrimes. According to their study, various scams and cons target those netizens who are searching for partners online.

IC3’s Figure Report

The annual 2014 online fraud report provides IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) that there are a total of $800 million financial losses with online fraud. However, the said figure is said to be a drop of bucket as there are much that were not reported. The figure only covered the reported online fraud cases.

According to IC3, that was just a picture that must be visible to everyone which fraud has already made a blow. It said, oversharing on social media sites like Facebook is the most usual cause for cybercrimes and in 2014; love-seekers were mostly victimized. Accordingly, romance scam victims where swindled out of an average of $14,214.

Mostly Women than Men

The survey also pointed that women are most likely targeted than men. The report showed that 70% of the victims of romance cons were women. One of the authorities said, “Criminals search dating websites, chat rooms, and social media websites for personally identifiable information, and use well-rehearsed scripts to attract potential victims. Victims of these scams believe they are in a relationship with someone who is honest and trustworthy without meeting them in person.”

IC3 added that these scammers and cons are definitely adept in working with social media. There is more than 12 % of reports regarding frauds last year that involve social media and it is an increase of 400% in just a period of five years.

“Like” and “Share” Scheme

The agency said, “In most cases, victims’ personal information was exploited through compromised accounts or social engineering.” It is a technique where crooks convince their targets to visit links. Hitting “Like” and “Share” buttons are certainly part of the schemes, which is said to be particularly effective lures. These cases often lead to malicious websites and even get malwares to penetrate on the clickers’ computers.

With this, IC3 provided some tips to netizens to avoid being conned:

  • Don’t respond to any unsolicited email, phone call or mail requesting your personal information.
  • Don’t fill out forms in email messages asking for personal information.
  • Don’t click on email links. Instead, go to the official website of the business or group and start from there,
  • Maintain at least two email addresses — one for people you know and one for all other purposes.
  • Frequently check your bank statements to avoid unauthorized charges and monitor for fraud.
  • Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you made the call.
  • Don’t accept packages which you didn’t order.

The internet has now become a great tool used by various scammers to get on their targets. To help keep online scammers at bay, establishing forums or blogs is a good idea and to make it more effective buying domain name is suggested. But, where to buy good domains? For answers, check on the web and do the move to help spread awareness on online scamming and lessen such cases.

The Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. has gone AMEB Green; this is a business initiative that promotes becoming an environmentally friendlier company. This initiative is aimed at results which will impact the social, environmental, and financial performance of Berkshire through promoting environmental-consciousness among its customers and employees.

They follow similar behaviors as other banks that offer features that allow you to order checks online; that saves you from the time-consuming task of going to the bank and submitting paperwork for check ordering.

The Chief Administrative Risk Officer and Executive Vice President of Berkshire, Richard Marotta, said during an interview, “Environmentally friendly business delivers value to our clients, returns for our shareholders, and helps strengthen the economy. AMEB Green was developed by a cross-functional committee of employees that looked at policies, products, operations, and behaviors to identify goals and key steps to become a more environmentally sustainable company. I love that this initiative was spurred by employee suggestions, and has resulted in Berkshire’s renewed commitment to the environment and our communities.”

The AMEB Green Strategies of Berkshire Bank

  • To reduce the consumption of paper by 10% for the next 3 years. They will do this with the use of technology, promotion of online banking solutions for their clients, promotion of reusable office products, and promoting behaviors among employees and customers that reduces or eliminates their usage of paper. Some of the feature they are yet to implement is enabling their clients to order personalized checks hassle-free by allowing them to order on their online database.
  • To reduce the consumption of energy by approximately 10% for the next 3 years. This can be done through the implementation of standards in terms of energy usage wherein every bank branch should strictly implement and follow; the implementation of the rules and regulations in terms of temperature and thermostat setting of the air-condition and heater; as well as the implementation of the rules for reducing the consumption of non-essential energy around the office.
  • To encourage at least 15% of the company’s volunteer service to commit to environmental causes that is run by the community. Aside from that, to develop and create products that promote environmentally-friendly banking options — like ordering checks paperless— and the implementation of the standards of recycling across various branches of the Berkshire Banks.

On Paperless Bank Statements

Last year (2014), the Berkshire Bank joined the campaign of promoting eStatements, or paperless billing, to their clients instead of paper statements; this is in line with the company’s initiative to reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the environment. The New England Financial Marketing Association recognized the efforts of the company during the best “Green” marketing campaign for the year 2014 because they’ve promoted the adoption of e-Statement.

To jump start the AMEB Green initiative, the charitable sector of Berkshire Bank known as the Berkshire Bank Foundation, contributed to the Arbor Day Foundation for the planting of a tree to honor each of the employees of Berkshire in celebration of the introduction and launching of the initiative. For the next 2 weeks across the initiation of the program, the employees of Berkshire have helped in the beautification of several parks by planting trees and cleaning up the riverfronts in order to mark the launching of the AMEB Green.

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What you need to know about Berkshire

The Berkshire Hills Bancorp is the parent company of the Berkshire Bank, dubbed as the “America’s Most Exciting Bank”. They are widely known for their approach to entrepreneurship and their unique culture. They currently have more than $7 billion worth of assets and 98 branch offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.

A few years ago, we only had several top level domain names (which include .com, .gov, and .net suffixes that we normally see on URL addresses); however, the organization that manages them recently opened up a market for hundreds of new domains and is now selling them to its highest bidder.

During the 90s, internet’s maintenance was done by just a single person: a computer scientist who is on the payroll of the Department of Defense of the United States, known as Jon Postel. As soon as the job has outgrown him, the US government created a nonprofit organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, to take over the job.


The ICANN is now responsible for keeping track of the owners of the domain names and has the task of maintaining different systems that are on the internet and the World Wide Web. A few years ago, they started creating and selling new top-level domains in the internet industry, particularly to celebrities and business owners.

Benefits of New Domains

Not only do they provide income (since these top level domains are bought for millions of dollars) but they create a larger space for an increasingly populated internet for companies to own domain names that would generally include their brand names, as well as their trademarks.

However, not all of these top level domains will be brand names; for instance, Google bought a generic “.app” domain for around $25 million among other purchases. This gives them the right to make a web address that includes and, as well as to change others and register them.

As a matter of fact, according to Google, they will start operating as a registry; thereby, charging those that lease domain names under this domain. So far, it is said that they have bought or in the process of purchasing domains such as .how, .meme, .new, and .PhD.

Other Buyers of Top Level Domain Names

Amazon has recently bought the .buy domain, beating Google in the auction; according to reports, they bought it for $4.6 million.

Unregistry purchased the .mom domain. They said they hope to “honour all mothers by providing them their own online space in which they can build a personalized online identity” — not for free, of course.

The Financial Services Roundtable and the American bankers Association, on the other hand, partnered to buy .bank with the hope of conveying trust for online banking.

There is a big health risk when mold is present in your home, according to the World Health Organization. Have you ever imagined that wall, books, clothes, toys and even your CDs are home of mold? Their growth can turn your things into moist and musty sadness that can be compared to garbage. However, for all the molds corrupting menace, the primary question that must be answered is to what extent or degree will you worry when they invade your home? Also, what are the risks they can pose to your family’s health? This article is going to answer these questions and the importance of mold testing NJ.

Molds come in different textures and forms, they appear as black, white, green, yellow or blue and often, they look like a stain or discoloration on a surface. Also, they can have a fuzzy or velvety appearance; it all depends on the kind of mold and the place they are thriving. Mold spores are invisible, they can be found anywhere and everywhere both inside and outside your home. These spores get inside your home by air or when they are attached to people or objects. Open doorways, windows and ventilation systems are the most common gateways of spores. Shoes, clothing and pets can facilitate the entrance of mold in the home too.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, about 10%-50% of environments in the home in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and India are affected by dampness. This suggests that the problem of mold is a highly pressing issue all over the world. In North America, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency state that if you have a problem of mold in your home, you must clean-up them up immediately at the same time fix the water problem.

Are there potential health risks of mold? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to mold does not always pose health risks indoors but for sensitive people, they can be affected. On the other hand, WHO said that moldy environment is often associated with indoor air pollution and could worsen this is certainly a risk factor for people who have respiratory conditions. They can produce harmful substances that can harm the health such as irritants, allergens and mycotoxins which are potentially toxic substances. In particular, EPA said mold exposure can irritate the nose, eyes, throats, lungs and skin even if you do not have an allergy. The most common symptoms include blocked or runny nose, itchy nose, itchy throat, sneezing and watery eyes.

mold testing NJ

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In addition, for those who have mold allergies, they have a greater risk of having asthma according to CDC while Prof. Stephen Spiro of UK’s British Lung Foundation informed the public that the presence of mold indoors can be more dangerous than simple pre-existing conditions. He said that certain species of mold can cause scarring and serious lung infections.

For these reasons, the WHO released a guideline to have quality indoor air. This issue has mixed conclusions but they conclude that there is sufficient evidence in the association of indoor dampness and respiratory health effects including respiratory infections, asthma, dyspnea, coughing and wheezing.

Despite the inconclusive results of the current research, the EPA and CDC recommend that growth of mold must be dealt with promptly. Both organizations said that the most crucial part in the prevention of mold is to control moisture to avoid them from growing indoors. The key is to act immediately in case of spillage or leak and dry the areas within forty-eight hours to make sure the mold will not grow.

If you are uncertain of their presence in your home, you can ask professional help from companies that conduct mold inspections.

As winter season comes, homes usually get all sealed-up for the protection of the inhabitants from the winter cold. However, with any season, caution must be considered in ensuring your home’s cleanliness so as to safeguard the property itself and of course, the occupants.

Canadians consume most of their time inside their homes. It is vital for your health to breath in clean air- yet it goes more than the air itself. Before the cold climate starts, there are numerous things that householders should highly take into account for their environment to be kept clean and green.

For instance, clogged dryer vents are a good breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Moreover, dryer vents that tend to clog can be a fire hazard, and can hinder the proper carbon monoxide ventilation. For kitchen and bathrooms alike, moisture is the main culprit that can result to build up of mildew and mold, while also producing unpleasant scents. Both the bathrooms and kitchen are two of the most-utilized areas of your home. Keep on-guard through extensive and regular cleaning for both of these greatly frequented rooms. Remember that moisture can load to mold formation where it is invisible to your naked eyes, such as in the ceiling or behind the walls.

It is also equally important of keeping your carpets and rugs clean at all times. Usually, people don’t mind with regard to the significance of cleaning their carpets at home and don’t bother about what such collects. Dirt, dust mites, dust, fungus, pet dander and all kinds of mysterious yet potentially unhealthy and harmful particles can grow in your home carpets that can lead to respiratory issues, asthmatic attacks, allergic reactions and some other illnesses. Carpets are believed to be a conducive nesting ground. It would be best to find a home cleaning company professional to do your carpet cleaning regularly.

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Any quantity of normal living within your home will generate pet dander, dust, moisture and array of particles that can simply include pollutants, pathogens and among others. Fungus, mildew, allergens and molds will likely to develop in your house in addition to the average “grime and dirt” of everyday living.

It’s best to always keep your home tidy and thoroughly clean and this advice should be applied to every season of the year. As the cold season commences however, cleanliness turns to be even more important for the protection and wellness of everyone at home and also your property.

In the region of Ottawa, Dr. Clean Air is one of the best cleaning aids and it can offer all the house cleaning services you need. There are also other cleaning services that have extensive packages and services which include dust cleaning, home cleaning, carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and even maid services.

The recovery of the economy of the US only implies that small businesses should become more creative when it comes to searching for guarantor loans.

However, for those companies that has efficient business strategies have a greater chance to acquire one. Their options would include borrowing from traditional banks and financial institutions that are affiliates of the Small Business Administration, as well as financial services from online-based lenders.

According to the chief executive officer of the American Management Services (that offers consultation services to small businesses), George Cloutier, “For creditworthy, high-scoring small businesses, there is money available.”

“The best place to get small business loan is still a bank. Banks typically offer the lowest interest rates and many have established reputations as trustworthy lenders,” said Cloutier.

“Many small businesses try 3 or 4 banks and then stop looking. Take out the phone book, target ten banks and work through that list,” he added further.

It is important to note that using a more persistent approach and business strategy has a greater chance at achieving success. This strategy actually worked for Michael McKean, who is the founder of the Knowland Group —- a company that offers help to hotels to acquire clients that would fill up their conference rooms.

During the past few years as The Knowland Group is at the peak of their success, McKean started to search for a bank that could give an expanding company an access to loans.

According to McKean, “We talked to every bank in our area, at least a dozen. Many came back with proposals, but the terms were very onerous. Or sometimes they shifted terms.”

And finally, the MandT Bank gave them access to a loan.

“They just wanted to get our business,” said McKean.

According to him, they didn’t approach MandT dissimilarly than they have approached any other banks. “It was just a matter of being persistent until the right deal came along,” he says.

Furthermore he added, “We did everything right, approaching the right person at each bank. We’re a profitable business. I think it was just the credit crunch that prevented us from getting a loan.”

Cloutier, however, says that the primary factor to success with banks is for companies to show how profitable they are or they were, and to describe an effective and efficient strategy to gain their future profits.

Cloutier said, “If you aren’t making a profit now, you must be able to tell the bank how you will change that in the short term, or you really won’t be able to get a loan.”

He highly recommends to businesses that they should start small when requesting for a loan from any financial institution.

“If you need money for 4 trucks, ask for 2,” says Cloutier. “The bigger the loan request, the harder it is to get it approved.”

Another way to acquire a loan is through the Small Business Administration (SBA). They can help direct you to institutions that offer loans that are guaranteed by the SBA. Through this, you will have the advantage of getting loans from banks that are interested in giving loans to small businesses.

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SBA Awards Grants to Economic ‘Clusters’

Those who are interested in borrowing money should contact the nearest SBA office or look over their website. The acting administrator of SBA, Jeanne Hulit, is encouraging businesses to look for banks that are experienced SBA lender.

Financial institutions that grant loans guaranteed by the SBA put great importance on business plans, as well as cash flow and profit forecasts in terms of deciding whether to lend or not, according to Hulit. The SBA may also refer businesses to several counseling centers that offer free services to enhance their performance.