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Berkshire Company Goes Green

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Posted: May 8, 2015 at 10:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. has gone AMEB Green; this is a business initiative that promotes becoming an environmentally friendlier company. This initiative is aimed at results which will impact the social, environmental, and financial performance of Berkshire through promoting environmental-consciousness among its customers and employees.

They follow similar behaviors as other banks that offer features that allow you to order checks online; that saves you from the time-consuming task of going to the bank and submitting paperwork for check ordering.

The Chief Administrative Risk Officer and Executive Vice President of Berkshire, Richard Marotta, said during an interview, “Environmentally friendly business delivers value to our clients, returns for our shareholders, and helps strengthen the economy. AMEB Green was developed by a cross-functional committee of employees that looked at policies, products, operations, and behaviors to identify goals and key steps to become a more environmentally sustainable company. I love that this initiative was spurred by employee suggestions, and has resulted in Berkshire’s renewed commitment to the environment and our communities.”

The AMEB Green Strategies of Berkshire Bank

  • To reduce the consumption of paper by 10% for the next 3 years. They will do this with the use of technology, promotion of online banking solutions for their clients, promotion of reusable office products, and promoting behaviors among employees and customers that reduces or eliminates their usage of paper. Some of the feature they are yet to implement is enabling their clients to order personalized checks hassle-free by allowing them to order on their online database.
  • To reduce the consumption of energy by approximately 10% for the next 3 years. This can be done through the implementation of standards in terms of energy usage wherein every bank branch should strictly implement and follow; the implementation of the rules and regulations in terms of temperature and thermostat setting of the air-condition and heater; as well as the implementation of the rules for reducing the consumption of non-essential energy around the office.
  • To encourage at least 15% of the company’s volunteer service to commit to environmental causes that is run by the community. Aside from that, to develop and create products that promote environmentally-friendly banking options — like ordering checks paperless— and the implementation of the standards of recycling across various branches of the Berkshire Banks.

On Paperless Bank Statements

Last year (2014), the Berkshire Bank joined the campaign of promoting eStatements, or paperless billing, to their clients instead of paper statements; this is in line with the company’s initiative to reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the environment. The New England Financial Marketing Association recognized the efforts of the company during the best “Green” marketing campaign for the year 2014 because they’ve promoted the adoption of e-Statement.

To jump start the AMEB Green initiative, the charitable sector of Berkshire Bank known as the Berkshire Bank Foundation, contributed to the Arbor Day Foundation for the planting of a tree to honor each of the employees of Berkshire in celebration of the introduction and launching of the initiative. For the next 2 weeks across the initiation of the program, the employees of Berkshire have helped in the beautification of several parks by planting trees and cleaning up the riverfronts in order to mark the launching of the AMEB Green.

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What you need to know about Berkshire

The Berkshire Hills Bancorp is the parent company of the Berkshire Bank, dubbed as the “America’s Most Exciting Bank”. They are widely known for their approach to entrepreneurship and their unique culture. They currently have more than $7 billion worth of assets and 98 branch offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.