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Dating Sites Augment Safety with Newer Technology

Posted: July 5, 2015 at 3:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Online dating is this generation’s another way of searching for partners. However, some have been wary about their safety in getting into such social trend.

Now, getting into online dating can be safety through the newly introduced technology. A certain Cristy Marrero said that she is so happy to have found her boyfriend through an online datingsite.

How to be Safe?

She recalled how she had taken some safety measures towards entertaining suitors online. She said, as one of her measures, she told one of her friends about her arranged date and took screen shots or send the link of the person she’s about to meet. Moreover, she made a point to tell her friend where and when the meeting would be and after getting home, she had to call her friend that she’s safe.

Definitely, Marrero’s strategy can be considered a good one and it had really worked for her. As of the record of 2012, there were about 4, 400 complaints that reached to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint concerning cyber-crimes as well as online dating issues.


What Zoosk do?

Every now and then, problems with dating apps or sites arise especially with the presence of GPS that allows online dating apps users who are on the same area to be paired and meeting would be easier.

  • Removing Threat

A senior manager of the famous mobile dating app Zoosk, named David Pederson said that danger is present online. However, what they do is to remove immediately any suspicious account on their site especially if they feel it could pose danger.

  • Photo Verification

Most common setting of a couple meeting is the bar and both could only have a picture and the name of the person he/she is going to meet. To augment safety, Zoosk, introduced the so-called “Photo Verification.” According to Pederson, this feature allows one to upload a 7-second video selfie and have it sent to the moderator. After that, the moderator would check if the photo is the same with photos that one has on his/her profile; and if it does, then the photo would be verified.

Fortunately, according to Zoosk, this feature has really helped minimized the presence of fake profiles and they said that only Zoosk has this kind of feature.

Moreover, it also helps attract more people to register with Zoosk since it gives them higher sense of security and they can be sure that what they have seen on the profile is the same person they are about to meet through “Photo Verification.”

Recently, a poll has found out a great number of Americans that online dating is one good way in searching for a partner. And despite the issues coming out about online dating, it is still a thriving industry. Fortunately, there are now new technologies developed to reduce the risk of getting into trouble online.