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Call Center Jobs Increase in Ohio

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Posted: September 3, 2015 at 7:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The call center industry is now the top job creator in the state of Ohio alongside banks, warehouses, and automakers, according to a report from the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Call center companies create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs at a time; however, they are infamous because they are reported to pay their employees below-average salaries. The average hourly wage in Ohio is approximately $21.11. Customer service representatives in Ohio, on the other hand, earned an average of $15.95 per hour; this is according to the results shown on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Novasors government call center service

However, industry supporters — including Novasors government call center service — says call center jobs actually pay above the minimum wage; in addition, they provide good career path with flexible hours. It doesn’t even require the employees to have a master’s degree.

States for Call Center Employment

According to jobs4america, Ohio is among the top 10 states in the country that has call center employment of about 77,842 in the past year. In fact, a business coalition was created in 2012 that aims to advocate having more call center job opportunities in the US from overseas.  Texas, on the other hand, has the most number of call center employees in the country.

The Government Statistics

Although some surveys, such as jobs4america, only counts the number of workers specifically in the call center industry; the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the other hand, keep track of the customer service representatives who are working in any given industry. Based on the survey conducted by the Bureau, the number of employees that work as a customer service representative in Ohio is still lower than that of the pre-recession numbers; however, the statistics is rising.

Employment in Ohio

According to a report made by the federal government in May 2014, the customer service industry has hired about 82,200 workers in Ohio alone; in comparison to 77,630 the previous year and 87,590 in 2005.

Some companies that have relocated abroad, such as in the Philippines and India, are encouraged to open in the US with financial incentives. In fact, these companies are interested of doing so because of the increasing labor costs on the mentioned countries. According to Haerich of Professional Association of Customer Engagement, when companies choose locations that are situated in Central America, they’re taking advantage of the inexpensive property and labor costs as well as the areas that need jobs.