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The Rise of Vanity Phone Numbers in the Business Industry

Posted: November 15, 2015 at 10:22 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Vanity phone numbers are becoming popular nowadays as they offer quite a unique and convenient marketing opportunity for small businesses. As soon as you’ve gotten a vanity, easy-to-remember number from a company called RingBoost, it would be yours; it is actually considered as an asset as it is just like a piece of property, nobody else could own it.

How Owners Founded the Company

The idea of it becoming an asset for businesses led Gregg Hamerschlag and Paul Faust to start a vanity phone number provider a decade ago. Offering easy-to-remember phone numbers to other companies became the passion for the team; in fact, it expanded from 12 employees originally to 30.

Paul Faust, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of RingBoost, said during an interview, “Using easy-to-remember phone numbers is easy. Unlike the case with social media there are no algorithms, changing rules, or complicated analytics. Phone numbers have been here for generations and will be here for generations to come.”

Vanity Phone Numbers in the Age of Technology

Vanity phone numbers have established its significant place in the digital age. According to a study they conducted last year, vanity phone numbers were accessed more often on mobile devices compared to their generic, number counterparts. Aside from that, the study also found that the rates for click-through are higher on ads with the use of vanity numbers.


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Small Businesses on Acquiring Vanity Numbers

The idea of vanity numbers is accepted among small business owners throughout the country. Tim Holdy who acquired a vanity number for his own company called “Holdy Realty Team at Real Estate of Florida” said, “I look at the number as a long-term investment. It will continue to pay dividends over time.”

The phone number Holdy decided to acquire for his business is 772-500-0000. With that, he was often asked by many on his decision to acquire this local vanity phone number. According to him, he thought that the 5 million number is easier to remember.

The Vanity Phone Number Provider

The provider of the vanity phone numbers hired full-time specialists that focus on helping business owners to choose the best number that would suit their needs. This number will then be the bases of their marketing campaigns for the succeeding years in the industry.

Paul Faust entertains may call a week from owners who asks about various aspects of vanity phone numbers. He said, “The two most frequent answers are: 1) The number can be used almost immediately in most cases; and 2) You don’t need to do anything to activate it.” He now has a YouTube channel that answers other FAQs.