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Danny Pintauro Unveils Being an HIV Positive While on Crystal Meth

who is danny pintauro
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Danny Pintauro was an active young actor during the early 80’s and 90’s. He has been part of the 1983 movie “Cujo” and the small sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” that was aired during 1984-1992. During the late 90s, Pintauro has been on the headlines as he came out of the closet under pressure in a tabloid magazine, since then, he become out of the spot light. What happened to a star whose light has dimmed?

who is danny pintauro

Danny Pintauro in Who’s the Boss? . By

The actor made a reveal on his sexuality in 1997 following the National Enquirer threatened to make him out. Based on the statement of Pintauro that he turned to be a “beacon of light” for the gay society. Yet rather than embracing such role, he regretfully confesses that he wasted the chance by falling into a descending spiral of drugs and sex.

In 2003, Danny Pintauro has realized that he had an issue. Unlike other numerous child stars that crash and burn before they can drink legally, the young actor wasn’t sent behind bars or worst as dead. However after he graduated at Stanford University and heading to NYC, he was quite drifting.

“So as soon as went to New York, I stopped all of that and I swiftly went to question myself,” he shared in 2004. “I don’t have any idea. I’ve paid more of my attention in school and college that I never attempted to figure out what’s the difference between Dan Pintauro and Danny Pintauro. Definitely, we are two different individuals.”

Work hasn’t been an issue – Since he finished her college degree, Pintauro has been seen performing on-and-off, though it’s only on modest productions of “Shear Madness.” Perhaps shockingly, his sexuality isn’t either a problem.

Pintauro came out “before everyone,” he told, from what TV mom Judith Light advices in 1997 after a tabloid made a threat to do the favor on his behalf.

The young actor, who used to disclose his character in Light and Tony Danza national TV, opened to Ophrah Winfrey in a striking interview during the weekend about his addiction on crystal meth and having diagnosed with HIV.

A teary-eyed Pintauro said “I’m HIV positive. And I’ve been diagnosed for 12 year since March 2003” told Winfrey.

“I went there for a regular exam,” he shared. “You know, if you’re a gay and responsible enough, you will be having an HIV examination done every 6 months… and you waited for 2 weeks on needles and pins, perhaps I did, since I was just scared of the notion of acquiring HIV.”

He told Oprah that the diagnosis was a bit relieving.

“It’s backwards,” Pintauro stated. “You’ve spent so much of your time being horrified to be infected of the disease, and then you already have it. There’s no need of being terrified anymore.”