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Pan Review: Why the Movie Fails

pan review
Posted: October 10, 2015 at 8:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Isn’t it sad that the copyright to British playwright J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan has long expired? Yes, we did know that “Pan” is the origin story of the classical story “Peter Pan”. But, how Barrie would have fought and do all he can to prevent the making of this Hollywood prequel that costs a really big budget?

Plus, who have made the idea in turning a generational anthem into something like a hollow sing-along of boy slaves in a “Hunger Games” like Neverland? And who again from the Warner Bros. thought that such violent movie would fit for all walks of life? Who rated it PG when it supposed to be PG-13?

pan review

Who else then discovered Levi Miller a 13-year old child star who starred as an English orphan in the name of Peter being abducted by magic pirates in the movie Blitz? And why did no one notice that Miller’s got nothing good in acting aside from his blue eyes and nice smile?

Now for Hugh Jackman, yes he’s a good actor, but did he really believe his goofball antics being a Captain Blackbeard could make him a good Jack Sparrow too? And didn’t someone tell him that he’s desperately performing in a horrific skit at 12:50 a.m. on “Saturday Night Live”?

Let’s go to Garrett Hedlund: How many times did he watch Harrison Ford in “Star Wars” before performing his Han Solo role as Peter’s reluctant ally when he did not yet become Captain James Hook?

Now, what about actress Rooney Mara and director Joe Wright think about surrounding Indian Princess Tiger Lily with non-white actors while donning her with rainbow colored dress? Did they think it would make up her “Wonder Bread paleness”?

What was Wright think with the triumph of “Atonement”, the popular “Pride and Prejudice”, the successes of “Hanna” and “Anna Karenina?” Did he not notice that these overly ill-conceived stories are not that entertaining? And actually, they aren’t working at all.

Now, does this movie prove that not all Hollywood’s Black List of “the best” unproduced screenplays are no guarantee of hint of quality? Did Jason Fuchs, an ex-opera actor knew that he drastically made “Pan” differently from a sporadic and clunky movie?

And finally, if you could make a flashback of the Pan where in Peter Pan and Captain Hook are friends, won’t you even want to know why they became foes, why Peter did not grow? Didn’t Wright and his friends at least be sorry for making such a sequel a failure? Well, I think, they did not even care!