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The Death of Glenn on the Episode 3 of The Walking Dead

the walking dead glenn dies
Posted: October 27, 2015 at 12:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

During the episode 3 of “The Walking Dead” Season 6, fans were shocked when the character of Steven Yeun, Glenn, died when walkers have surrounded him. Glenn has always been a fan-favorite which is why most of the viewers have mixed emotions about the episode.

Glenn is among the few characters that have been with the show since Season 1 who now did 83 episodes in total. Recall that Glenn is the pizza delivery boy that turned into a slayer of the zombies but has remained dependable, honorable, and humble throughout the show.

In the intense episode this week, Glenn and Nicholas were surrounded by workers while they were on top of the dumpster; as Nicholas felt dazed, he put a bullet on his head. Nicholas’s body fell on Glenn and they stumbled to the ground as they were engulfed by the walkers, making viewers think that Glenn died.

the walking dead glenn dies

Glenn of “The Walking Dead” in TV and comic book. Image from

For a long time now, some of the fans of The Walking Dead expected that Glenn Rhee will die. In the comic book, the character has suffered a terrible death so it’s just a matter of time for his on-screen death. Even though you haven’t read the comic book, it would seem clear enough that the show has been plotting Glenn’s demise. The episode opened with Glenn running, while the rest of the episode showed Glenn checking off the to-do-list of the dying; by the time he said goodbye to Rick on the radio, his death seemed to be inevitable.

In the comic books, Glenn died by the hands of Negan, the biggest and the worst villain in the Walking Dead series. Negan killed Glenn through “Lucille”, his baseball bat that is wrapped in a barbed wire, along with pregnant Maggie.

Ever since, the show has been known for deviating from the comic books; however, this time, there might be a few things being lined up that would make this scene come true.

First and foremost, it has been hinted several times in the series that Maggie is pregnant as she actually is in the comics during the murder of Glenn. Second, there was a casting call posted about a month ago for a character who will give an appearance on the Season 6 finale and it sounds suspiciously like “Negan”.

Although that could only be a massive distraction from the shows sneaky directors and writers and maybe they will let Glenn live until season 10. But there is also a good chance that this will all lead to Glenn dying in the hands of Negan.