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How Cycling Events Drive London’s Economy

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Posted: July 18, 2015 at 9:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The best road-racing cyclist in the world spent only several days in Utrecht as the Tour de France got underway in Holland last 4th of July. However, the Dutch city hopes that they’d leave a lasting legacy as they will be staging the Grand Depart; a legacy that is similar to the benefits of 2014’s sendoff yielded to Cambridge, London, and Yorkshire.

The Grand Depart of 2014 made a remarkable impact on the host region’s economy as they profited to about £128m, which is more than what London and Kent achieved in 2007’s Grand Depart.

What Legacy Means

However, legacy would mean different things to different communities, governments, as well as the business and sports industry. Cycle Yorkshire, a non-profit organization established by City of York Council, had set 5 legacy targets for the Grand Depart in 2014. These were: (1) having more people join cycling; (2) making it a lot easier for people to choose cycling; (3) increasing awareness of cycling events; (4) producing greater amount of awareness about cycling; and (5) promoting a flourishing network of businesses and social enterprises related to cycling.

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Will this year be a Legacy?

According to Nicky Roche, the overseer of last year’s Grand Depart and this year’s chair of the major events panel of UK sport, thinks this year’s event have met the legacy targets. She said, “Three-and-a-half-million people turned out on the Great Depart route and when we did a survey 50% of them said they would cycle more often.”

Legacy Gains

Aside from online casino bonussen, cycling is seen as among the key areas of legacy gains during the London Olympics. It is expected for them to produce an inward investment of about £6bn in their 4 years to 2016.

The president of the Union Cycliste Internationale, Brian Cookson, said, “We had 100 new cycling clubs in the 3 months after London 202. British Cycling’s membership doubled in a year. In 1996, we had 15,000 members. Now, it is a record 100,000 and still growing.”