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Survey: About 50% of Teenagers’ Population is Stressed Out

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Posted: September 19, 2015 at 3:37 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

TORONTO – A new survey had been conducted for the teenager populace all over US and it has been found out that almost half of the teenagers are stressed out. According to the reports of Christina Stevens from The Kids Help Phone Survey, it gets worse until they reach their later teen years.

The survey has found that among the teenagers, 42% are stressed out and it grows worse by 50% when they reach 18.

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The survey also looked at how the teens are coping with stress and it found out that 63% of them admit that they confide with their mother and 35% are with their father. However, as they get older, teens are less likely confiding in their parents and that they turn to their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Also, according to the survey, one out of five teenagers is not confiding to anyone and they are said to be susceptible to suicide and depressions according to the President of Kids Help Phone Sharon Wood.

Wood said, “Those young people are far more likely to experience violence at home, suicidal thoughts and emotional difficulties that is why it is important to keep lines of communication open.”

The President of the Association of Chief Psychologists Patrick Carney said that parents should make time to sit down and listen to their children. “Saying, ‘How are things going?’ and let the conversation go to the point, with listening, that the child will talk,” he said.

Moreover, the survey addressed the topic on how teens communicate with friends about stress and problems and it was found out that 54% resort to texting, and 23% said they go for face-to-face conversation, while the rest go for social media.

Through social media, teens can be able to express their feelings and some resorted to local dating just to de-stress. Some teenagers said that it helps them forget the problems that stressed them out.

The survey conducted is said to be a big help for the authorities on initiating programs that can help teens cope up with stress.