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Suspension Place Over Alpha Tau Omega Indiana University Because of its Highly Insulting Video

alpha tau omega indiana university
Posted: October 9, 2015 at 7:23 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Late Wednesday, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is suspended in the course of an investigation over a hazing ceremony charged and an associated sexually-explicit video that it surface from it according to officials and started to be viral online.

Mark Land, the University spokesperson said that the hazing charges associated with “sexual misdemeanor” caused the suspension and verified the verdict was made after the video came out.

As even a rapid googling will show, this is far from the very first misdemeanor committed by the fraternity. There’s none of the affected students have came and spoken out about this latest issue, whether they show support or objection, though the national Alpha Tau Omega spokesperson immediately denounced the acts portrayed in the video as very much contrary to the values of their group.

Wynn Smiley, CEO of ATO national chapter shared her statement in the Indystar – “the said video is highly insulting and is negating to the ATO values. If proven, the men who took part of such weird incident don’t represent our fraternity and put a stain on the thousand of names in the fraternity and other ATO undergrads and alumni all over the country.” Unfortunately, we are aware how these things go. Frat aficionados will appear in groups to carry variations on the predictable… “Yet it’s not an indication to all fraternities!” and /or… However it’s a single-time event!” defense methods, once again disregarding that a culture that initiates these acts with such rate most probably drives them on some sort of level.

According to the reports from the Indianapolis, the video started circulating on twitter wherein an ATO pledge doing sex acts on a woman as a part of their hazing ritual. On the video, there were a group of young men nearly-naked and naked cheering on one of their member as his face is being buried on a nude young woman’s pelvis. Both are lying on the mattress on the floor with a crowd that surrounds them. There’s also another naked woman who seems a stripper who also cheers.  Yet, the authenticity of the viral video hasn’t been verified.

The offensive video rapidly caught the attention of many after it was post on Reddit, which is a famous website that is where the video’s attribution to ATO comes from too. As what the said, the video was leaked unintentionally to the general public.

On Thursday morning, a statement from the university was released confirmed that they were investigating the allegations that the new Alpha Tau Omega members were “forced to do a sexual act on a female from many other chapter members” and that “there seems to be convincing video proof.”

alpha tau omega indiana university


The university announced on twitter on Wednesday evening that its Alpha Tau Omega chapter received an immediate suspension – “Our school campus is committed to a nourishing culture. Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) is instantly suspended as the investigation about hazing allegations is ongoing.

The suspension given to ATO means that for the time being, they can’t recruit new member or even host any social functions. It’s worthy to note that the video could demonstrate beyond just a hazing ritual. Well, depending on the exact situations of the event, it could even lead to criminal charged in relation to prostitution or sexual assault.