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What’s in the Recent Snapchat Update?

how do you use the new snapchat update
Posted: September 23, 2015 at 3:22 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Snapchat, the most popular image-based messaging app, has just updated their software this week. Its new version has been released on two of the biggest mobile platforms, Android and iOS, and has an additional variety of features that will surely keep its users hooked. Among the notable updates the app received is the Snapchat animated lenses which was made possible by Looksery, a facial recognition startup that was recently acquired by Snapchat.

Snapchat Lenses or Animated Selfies

This is probably the most notable addition to the Snapchat features. They added animation options to the videos and photos that are captured by the smartphone’s front camera. Although this new feature has been known to many users, it’s unlikely that they’d notice it at all as this feature has default activation and there are no buttons in which to activate it from.

This new feature gives the users a wide range of filters to design their selfies with, from heart eye-pieces to zombie faces to enlarged eyes to rosy cheeks. How to use this feature? Read on!

In order for you to unlock this feature, you need to open up the app first. Make sure that you are staying in a very well-lit environment in order to ensure that you will get an enhanced effect. As of current use, the feature doesn’t do well with glasses, so don’t use them for this. Switch to the front camera and click and hold down on your face; there will be a skeletal embedded over your face on the screen for a second or two. Snapchat Lenses will then be activated and various effects will be shown in a row at the bottom part of your screen.

As to date, there are only 7 effects available; typically, we expect this number to increase with the next updates. Select the effects that you like and make sure to follow the instructions that you will see on your screens. As soon as you’re done, save it and send it to your friends or add your creation to your Snap Story.

how do you use the new snapchat update

How to replay snapchat on Android. By:

Snap Replays

Previously, one can send photos and videos of themselves that will self-destruct in a matter of seconds unless someone screenshots them. But, with the new update, users can now save photos by paying to replay and screenshot them.

This may actually cause two things: Snapchat porn and stop Snapchat sexting.

It is important to note that most of the users of this app are young, teenagers, or those who are in their early adulthood. Today, it isn’t impossible that someone could use this feature and encourage someone to sending them private pictures of themselves then paying for replays and screenshot of the pictures. Unfortunately, you can’t really trust anyone with the pictures you send them. A little piece of advice: do not send naked pictures of yourself to anyone —ever.

Aside from that, it also not surprising that one of the many reasons the younger generation use this app is to “sext”. This may seem odd to older generations, but some people claim that sexting is what the app was really designed for. But “sexters” might not like the recent updates as the receiver of the snap may screenshot your private snaps.

No More Clocks

While time is part of the entirety of Snapchat, it is actually the one feature that has been removed. You can no longer find a countdown clock located at the upper-right corner of the “Live Stories” feed. Therefore, users wouldn’t have any idea about the length of the story.

Before the update, Snapchat users can see the length of a Snapchat Story. Although each video or photo may last up to a few seconds, users can keep stitching these snaps together into a one long storyline. With the new update, instead of seeing a countdown clock for the Story, you can only see a circle that disappears every second for each of your segment.

While this may be a minor change, this affects creators, viewers, and particularly, the advertisers. Snapchat users now don’t have an idea whether they have a 10-second or 3-minute video when they’d click to watch. This could affect the number of views, as well as the number of times users will click the video and go through it entirely.

Trophy Case

In the company’s effort to get the users involved, they have added a fun feature called the Trophy Case. Just like the achievements you see in various gaming consoles, each Trophy would signify as an achievement that can be unlocked; you can be rewarded with a trophy for doing something that is as simple as sending your Snapchat videos or photos or when you reach a certain score.