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Netflix Down Due to UltraDNS Failure

netflix server down
Posted: October 15, 2015 at 3:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

UltraDNS, a web content delivery service, was down for 90 minutes Thursday afternoon. It took several other popular websites with it, including Expedia and Netflix.

The 90-minute failure was primarily due to an internal issue happening on the server on the East Coast. Lara Wyss, a spokeswoman of UltraDNS, clarifies that this failure wasn’t a result of an attack by hackers.

The Issues of the 90-Minute Failure

The members of the UltraDNS support team had initially indicated that the issue has stemmed from the Denial of Service (DDoS) attack wherein hackers would flood the service with traffic up until it would collapse because of the load. However, according to Ms. Wyss, after investigating further, the Chief Information Officer of the company had said that the problem wasn’t caused by a DDoS assault; but, rather was due to a technical malfunction.

The system failure was resolved in no time but created a ripple effect throughout the World Wide Web, as a number of companies actually depend on UltraDNS’ cloud service to keep their websites up and running. Some of the frustrated customers and administrators posted their complaints via Twitter.

netflix server down

UltraDNS Server Problem Pulls Down Websites, Including Netflix, for 90 Minutes. Image:

How People Reacted

As Netflix experienced a down-time due to UltraDNS failure, millenials from the Twitter world posted some funny comments.

A twitter user, spooky Giselle (@Blushedhes), said “Netflix is down I guess this is how the world is going to an end”.

Some even attributed the end of Netflix will have serious effects on increasing the population as Dalibor (@DaliDimovski) said, “Netflix is down, and now no babies will be born on July 15, 2016.”

And there’s more to that as netizens mad Netflix trend in twitter which brings us to a realization that it has become a major part in our lives.

Netflix, on the other hand, apologized to their audience, and tweeted, “We’re aware that members are experiencing issues streaming on all devices. We’re working to resolve the problem.”

The popular streaming service was then restored after 90 minutes on Thursday and thanked their supporters for their patience, tweeting, “The streaming issues we reported earlier have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience, and as always, happy streaming!”

Overview of the UltraDNS

UltraDNS is among the top providers of web content delivery in the internet. This company, along with their competitors (including CloudFlare and Akamai), plays a very important role in the direction and management of web traffic for businesses that actually depend on them for website speeds, as well as against attacks from hackers. UltraDNS was acquired by an information service company based in Sterling, Va, Neustar, in 2006.

According to the Dotcom Monitor, a Minneapolis-based company that monitors web speed and performance, the failure that happed on Thursday was actually the second time of going down in their two years of service in the web. UltraDNS suffered a similar issue in January 2014 that affected many customers across the globe.

The theory that UltraDNS was being attack was actually reasonable as there was an increase (over the past 18 months) in high volume DDoS attacks that affected the switchboard system of the internet, called the Domain Name System (DNS) that greatly intensifies the attacks. Many of the attacks that happened have been caused by China against China-specific websites, according to Matthew Prince who is the chief executive of CloudFlare.

DDoS attackers are now making forged traffic requests that look genuine, thereby making it difficult for companies to eliminate. These kinds of attacks actually come at high rates that only the most secure and toughest websites can fend them off, according to Mr. Prince. In fact, in some instances, there would be 500 million traffic requests per second.