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Unveiling Destiny’s Next Expansions as More Taken King Secrets are Found

destiny not forged in light
Posted: October 22, 2015 at 12:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Destiny’s next expansion of Bungie has been revealed while at the same time, fans have found out the Taken King’s next secret weapon.

Information concerning the next expansion of Destiny has been unveiled and is prepared to be improved in partnership with Activision subsidiary High Moon Studios, based on the latest reports.

It all came from the ultimate development of the Taken King game’s expansion, which last year was rebooted and have seen a mass change of content.

Several of the ideas that weren’t able to make it to the finish product are prepared to be included in the new expansion pack, same in size to The Taking King, which is set to launch later next year.

It’s worthy to note that remembering the own production of Destiny, the idea that all of these information will make it into the DLC’s next round is uncertain.

Based on the sources in which Kotaku has spoken to, the next expansion of Destiny will consist of a new public space on Mar and also a new Strikes which is based around the planet plus a new Raid. Such ideas were actually cut from the earlier content of DLC in which the High Moon Studios have developed now, who are working together on the project with Bungie.

destiny not forged in light

Bungie’s Destiny: How To Complete The Uncovered ‘Not Forged in Light’ Quest. By Bidness Etc

It follows the reports than those fans playing the recent build of the game have discovered a Taken King secret weapon.

The bizarre Puffle Rifle, name as No Time to Explain, can be seen now however initial players should discover the story mission ghost  from the Paradox everyday.

The ghost shell should be handed to the Future War Cult vendor, who will be the one to supply a new mission they referred as “No Forged In Light.”

Remember that last Tuesday also, another Destiny secret spot in a Daily Heroic Mission was unveiled. Xbox and PlayStation players have been carefully investigating every Daily Heroic ever since the Black Spindle secret discovery. The newest payoffs are a sequence of hidden Ghosts during the Paradox mission with the likelihood that it will lead to another quest in the near future.