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Some Steam Users Have Seen Other’s Personal Information Due to Christmas Anomaly

Steam Users
Posted: December 28, 2015 at 4:28 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The connectivity problem experienced by the gaming platform, Valve resulted to a short-lived breach of privacy while the digital storefront sale is going on.

On Christmas, Valve has encountered problems while the gamers were currently “Steam-ing”. According to the Valve’s representative, the malfunction of the Steam service, which includes seeing others’ personal info and the store suddenly went offline was because of a certain technical error that has now been fixed. While Valve’s system was down for an hour, users see pages that were meant for others.

Too many things have happened during that one hour just like seeing others’ account details like email addresses, Steam Wallet money, and history of purchase. This is according to GameSpot, CNET’s sister site. The exposure of these details hasn’t been prevented by Steam’s security tools like Steam Mobile Authenticator and Steam Guard.

Steam Users

Steam Wallet Glitch! Account Swap Hack Christmas 2015! Screenshot from

According to the company’s website, over 10.6 million users have used the service on the day of Christmas, not to mention that the marketplace and gaming platform of Valve’s Steam is very huge. Not only that, it is expected that on February, active users will reach up to 125 million and can use its social features and even download games. Any electronics having Mac, Linux, and Windows can access the platform. Valve has also launched Steam Machine boxes dedicated to Steam last fall.

It has been said that the problem has already been resolved on Friday but on the morning of Saturday, some sections of Valve’s website and Steam store were not doing well like logging out while contents are being loaded. In the afternoon, this problem has been said to be resolved.

The recent dilemma was told to have been caused by the huge price cut down, marking the Steam’s yearly winter sale in the holidays. The low prices of thousands of Steam games made the sale run up to the 4th of January.

The problem experienced by Steam made the users frustrated leading them to use Twitter instead. These users were afraid that the site may be hacked as they haven’t got any response from the company. According to some tweets, steam games were offline and they wanted to have new passwords as a gift this Christmas. Thousands of tweets were made concerning the problem like the users’ activities while the system was down.

This occurrence has created both positive and negative feedbacks from some game developers. But whatever it is, the good thing is, the problem is now resolved.