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Microsoft Surface Book : Review and Updates

surface book review
Posted: October 12, 2015 at 8:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Excited customers should be confident that very first laptop of Microsoft will be worth the wait. In fact, all of Microsoft’s Surface Book Laptops are all sold out on their website, two weeks prior to the schedule of their released.

As customer try to click on each one of the 5 varieties available on the Surface Book on the website of Microsoft, they see an image “Email me when available”. Microsoft might not expect how in demand is their very first laptop, which was announced last October 6. On the 7th of October, the Surface Book was available for pre-order and it seems like they took an instant leap on it.

surface book review

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The said Surface Book is run by Windows 10 and has a detachable keyboard features that let it transform into a tablet. In order to detach the screen, a new device referred “Muscle Wire” is invented by Microsoft. It functions through pushing a button on the keyboard, which discharges the clasp. Get the screen without having to push the button and you will life the whole laptop, though the mechanism runs a longer to activate more than expected, yet worked seamlessly and fluidly. In addition to that, due to the fact that the connection points come in mirror image of each other, screen can be revered and folded flat, keys are found behind the screen so that you can freely draw and write on the laptop similar to a notepad.

Microsoft aims to create an example with the Surface Book. They hope that other PC producers will also follow what they started and make same kinds of laptops that can make the most of all latest features of the Windows 10.

Panos Panay, the head of devices of Microsoft tagged the Surface Book the “ultimate laptop.” He noted too that it was the “slimmest, most powerful Personal Computer ever made.” Those interested buyers of the Surface Book can also try to pre-order the PC on and Amazon. These two e-retailers have several models of the Surface Book available. Moreover, Best Buy also sells the Surface Book, however not through pre-order.

The Surface Book has 13.5-inch sharp screen, with 3,000 x 2,000 pixels display, up to 12 hours battery and a very powerful Intel processor. Another new feature in Windows 10 is the so called Windows Hello where the front-facing camera is use to let users unlock their computers by simply letting the screen detect their face.

It seems like Microsoft is trying to have a close competition with the MacBook of Apple. The most affordable Surface Book is sold at $1,499 and goes up all the way to $2,699 for the high-end model.