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Will the Atlanta Falcons Join the Playoffs?

atlanta falcons playoff scenario
Posted: December 30, 2015 at 8:48 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Although the Atlanta Falcons looked like they’ve sealed their place on the playoffs earlier in the season, they are actually struggling in their past few games. However, they still have a chance at making it in the playoffs. While they cannot compete with Carolina Panthers’ 14-0, they can still be included in the Wild Card round.

As what is unfolding right now, the Falcons are actually the last one to be out of the playoffs. If the Philadelphia Eagles won on Sunday Night Football, they’d be 7-7 and looking in from the outside. The Minnesota Vikings, on the other hand, won Sunday and improved to 9-5 — only a two-game lead over the Falcons. The Seattle Seahawks are 8-5 playing against Cleaveland Browns on Sunday. If they win, they’d be at 9-5 standing as well, putting the Falcons on the brink of elimination.

How will the Falcons Reach the Playoffs?

For the Falcons to reach the playoffs, they need Seahawks or Vikings to lose their last two games while they win their Week 16 and 17 matchups. This would force a tie-breaker; which is a long shot for the Falcons.

Dan Quinn, the coach of the Falcons, is aware of this possibility. “As far as I know, when you’ve got a shot, you’ve got a shot. We’ve got an awesome challenge ahead this week, and it’s one we’re absolutely jacked for. And we will be ready to rock,” he said.

atlanta falcons playoff scenario

The Atlanta Falcons can still make the playoffs, but it’s complicated – Atlanta Falcons Blog- ESPN

Factors that Work Against the Falcons

  • The Panthers will be finishing hard. Note that Carolina is undefeated at 14-0. According to Panthers’ coach Ron Rivera, they won’t be resting heir starters because they have a chance to go through the playoffs with a victory, finishing the season with no losses.
  • The Seahawks have the momentum. Seattle Seahalwks have won the last 5 consecutive games with Russell Wilson playing the game of his life. They’ll be up against St. Louis (6-8) at home this Sunday, and the Rams are 1-5 on the road. While they have secured a playoff spot, they wouldn’t want a break from their momentum.
  • The NFC East Title. The Washington could secure the NFC East title and a playoff competition with a win against Philadelphia on Saturday. This would imply that the Giants will be eliminated from the playoff before the game on Sunday night, thereby giving the Vikings the psychological edge that they would need to win.