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Thousands Gathered and Welcomed 2016 at Nathan Phillips Square

New Year's Eve
Posted: January 3, 2016 at 4:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In the last minutes of 2015, people were gathered at the Nathan Phillips Square and enjoyed the moment as beautiful firework show lit up the sky of Toronto. Every year, the city celebrates New Year’s Eve with a party where people dance and cheer in the streets to welcome the first minutes of the New Year.

It has been a tradition for some to celebrate the New Year in Nathan Phillips. Rabia Ikram, 10 years old has been attending this festivity with her mother and siblings since the day she was born. In the past two years though, she wasn’t able to welcome the New Year at the Square because she arrived past midnight. For her, the beauty of the lights always keeps her awake and lively al throughout the event.

Other comers were first timers like Mariel Aguilar. She used to welcome the year together with her parents but since they were out of the country, she chose to celebrate alone and went to the downtown. According to her, this is a dream come true because she had been planning to come the past years but ended up being unable to do so because of a lot of reasons.

The night was cold because of the slight snow but it didn’t keep the crowd from enjoying. People tried to fight the cold wind by filling cubicles and some danced to the beat of music. As DJs Mel Boogie, P-Plus and Starting from Scratch went up the stage, the crowd became bigger.

New Year's Eve

People in Toronto flocked to Nathan Phillips Square. Image from

For some, having a complete family in celebrating New Year is enough. Just like the Lubelski family, they enjoyed skating.

On the other hand, some paid visits to their friends to celebrate New Year. According to Keyavonna Dees, who is from Florida, traveling to Toronto to celebrate another year is exciting especially that the place is well lit. Dees and her friend Fonpanilla will make the best out from their time together knowing that they won’t be together for a long time.

This really seems to be an unending party. People don’t need to worry on their way home because the last trips of the train depart 3:30 a.m. and 4:07 a.m. Not only that, streetcars and buses will continue to operate until 9 a.m., when TTC starts. Indeed, celebrating the New Year in Toronto is one unforgettable moment.