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Did you Hug Somebody Today?

is it national hug day
Posted: January 21, 2016 at 9:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

January 21st is National hug Day — also referred to as International Hug Day, or Global Hug Day. Created by Kevin Zaborney in 1986, this year marks its 30th anniversary. This celebration encourages people to express themselves openly through hugging.

The National Hug Day website says, “Whether you hug a family member or a stranger, the mental and physical health benefits are the same. Hugging reduces stress and blood pressure as examples of health benefits.”

is it national hug day

National Hugging Day! BY

Marathon Hugging

While hugging is meant to share and spread the love, there’s no harm in the love for competition, right? The longest marathon hug took place on Valentine’s Day of 2014 in Thailand, where 26 couples hugged for 26 hours, 26 minutes, and 26 seconds.

Most Hugs in 1 minute

Carrie Bickmore from Australia set a record in 2014. She assembled a line of hug recipients and gave a total of 77 hugs in just 60 seconds!

Largest Group Hug

Last May 7th 2010, over 10,000 people came together to set a record-breaking bear hug. According to Orleans Star, that was the 3rd time that Canadian students organized a hugging event, which was originally inspired by Eric Gannon’s (a Canadian teenager) battle against cancer and continued after her death.

Most Couples Hugging

On February 14, 2014 in Peru, 5,639 couples shared a hug at the same time. According to Guinness, the record-breaking event was meant to spread the message of peace and hope.

Guinness wrote: “The hug was symbolic and a message to people in Peru and the world that Ayacucho is no longer a place of violence (it was a Shining Path stronghold in the 90s) but a place of love and fraternity.”

Largest Online Photo Album of Hugs

Misha Collins, an actor from Supernatural, convinced people worldwide to send photos of hugs, where he gathered about 108,121 photos for the web’s biggest collection of hugs in 2013.