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On Ellen DeGeneres Show: Sia Truly Made Impact as She Presents “Bird Set Free” Roaring Performance with Her Wild New Wig

Sia on Ellen DeGeneres
Posted: February 3, 2016 at 8:49 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

As we all know, Sia is really not showing her face, yet can still blown us away with her style like what she had shown on Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Aside from her breathtaking performance, another thing that was also impressive was her crazy new wig.

Like in any shows she graces, we really can’t expect to see Sia’s face; because it is covered. But with this style of hers, she still has proven her being remarkable. When the 40-year-old singer dropped by at The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Feb 2, she truly made an impact with her wig game and her new song “Bird Set Free” roaring performance. With such rendition of Sia, we really forgot that she doesn’t want to show her face to anyone!

With Sia’s style, she usually stood in one side of the stage as she sings enthusiastically, while a dancer also performs along with the song. Her performance was really impressive as she hit every note perfectly, while a male dancer frolics around the stage with empty-room setup. But aside from that exciting performance of Sia, the most fascinating part of everything was the creative new wig she wore.

Sia already showed the public of variety of big bows in her “face-hiding” appearances and performances, but what she wore in ‘Ellen’ may topped from her other wigs as it was wholly made of hair. Sia really know how to make hair statement as she turned her half-black and half blonde wig into combination of wig and bow.

Sia on Ellen DeGeneres

Sia spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday about her new album. Image:

In visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new album ‘This is Acting’, Sia receives a perfect gift from Ellen. A wig of course; a floor-length blonde wig with a big pink bow on top, which she can hardly see because of the wig she was already wearing.