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ABC Family is the New Freeform

abc family channel number
Posted: January 13, 2016 at 8:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The ABC Family has a new name: Freeform TV channel. One would ask why they’d change their name when their numbers are doing great… their current market primarily consists of teens and women from 18 to 34 years old, but they’re hoping to expand their audience through re-branding.

“Like any business, we need to grow. We have really happy core customers,” Tom Ascheim, the channel chief, said during an interview with USA Today. “They know our name, they know our attributes.”

According to Ascheim, the network had gone through a long process of testing new names for the network. So why not retain ABC on their new name? He said viewers look to discover new things on their own.

“It feels important that newness is part of the equation. Detaching from our hallowed brand felt like newness and freshness, which are qualities that go with Freeform,” he said.

Viewers don’t have to reset their DVRs that record programs according to channel numbers as it will stay the same, except for the network name.

abc family channel number

ABC Family changing name to Freeform. Photo from

The identity and experiences of Freeform’s viewers are fluid as they seek to find endless possibilities and still looking for their passion. Freeform is inspired by the relationship between audience and content; media and technology; age and lifestyle; interactive and linear; and how people interact with them.

“The Freeform brand represents the passion, fun, energy, and new ideas that infuse young adulthood. We’ve been evolving naturally for a while now, so it’s time that our name reflects the true essence of our brand,” says Ascheim. “We are excited to take our network in some new directions and continue to evolve alongside culture while delivering those favorite shows our viewers already love.”

Freeform is still committed to their popular original series and programs.