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Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living Room

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Posted: March 16, 2016 at 1:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Wallpaper, fototapety in Polish, is often used to decorate a home; to cover flaws on the walls, to add life to the room, or to complement the furniture of the living room. But like everything we see and use, wallpaper trends change over the years — from floral patterns to minimalist designs. For the 21st century, wallpaper styles utilize subtle colors and patterns to do away with becoming monotonous. Thus, when you wish to decorate your living room with wallpaper, you should look for designs that will enhance its look.


Stripes pattern may not seem a subtle design; but if they are made with the right colors and patterns, they’d impact the room significantly. Wallpapers with horizontal stripe will make the wall longer; while, vertical stripes will make it look taller. Vertically-striped wallpaper should only be used in rooms with low ceilings. The paper should have stripes that are close to the color of the base of the paper, or the same color with a different finish. This will give the room an elegant feel, rather than being overly patterned.


Victorian wallpapers give off an elegant aura to a room. They are used particularly when you have a Victorian-themed living room. But, they can also be used in a room that has simple furniture and dйcor if you want to give it a touch of a Victorian feel. It is highly recommended that you use Victorian wallpaper with muted or neutral colors. Just like using stripe wallpaper, you should choose those with patterns that are almost the same with the base color, or the same color having different textures; this will give it a subtle and elegant look.


In modern designs, geometric wallpapers have been popularly used. Although it gives the room a creative and striking look, it may also become outdated rather quickly, depending on the pattern and paper you choose. Thus, to keep geometric wallpaper looking fresh, it should only be applied to one wall, which will serve as the room’s focal point. The surrounding walls, on the other hand, can be painted in matching color or a shade that will complement the paper. The color rules that are used in Stripes and Victorian patterns are of high importance when it comes to geometric wallpapers. Note that geometric shapes should be shown using texture, rather than color. For example, square patterns should be in one color that rotates between shiny and matte textures.