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The CareKit iOS: An Advancement in Healthcare

Apple CareKit iOS
Posted: April 29, 2016 at 6:52 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The new Apple CareKit iOS framework has gone live today. This allowed the app developers to create software that helps doctors and patients to monitor and manage medical conditions even better.

The open source platform has been announced just last month. It aims to create an easier environment for developers to build health apps through several features and integrations, which include the following: monitoring symptoms; sending images of a certain injury; and tracking medication schedules. Aside from that, the CareKit also offers other features that allow the patients to monitor their progress towards health over time.

Apple CareKit iOS

Apple dives straight into health care. Photo:

Interactive Modules

The CareKit has a number of interactive modules. It has a Care Card that can be configured to manage wellness tasks like scheduling of medications and exercise. The Progress Card, on the other hand, includes monitoring of symptoms and measurement for physical metrics (like heart rate and weight) — there is a possibility that it can be featured in the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, the Connect module allows users to share their health information with their family members, as well as other medical professionals. This can be viewed together with the Progress Card information in the Insight Dashboard module.

According to TechCrunch, the launch is only limited to support only 4 iPhone apps currently: Glow Nurture fertility tracker, Glow Baby maternity app, diabetes monitor One Drop, and depression medication tracker. The CareKit is compatible with today’s healthcare record systems, like Epic, and it should be available on GitHub later.

ResearchKit Framework

Apple also has another open source framework, the ResearchKit, which was available to app developer since April of last year, allowing them to develop their own iPhone apps for the purposes of medical research. The ResearchKit framework has resulted to significant gains in researches on epilepsy and asthma since it has been used by medical professionals and contributing patients.