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Miley and Liam – Allegedly Together Again

miley cyrus engagement ring selfie
Posted: January 20, 2016 at 11:23 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus seemed to have done a slight damage with the Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth. Allege reunion of the two have been making rounds in the media after two years of splitting up.

The famous couple had made a big buzz on the media when they called off their engagement in September 2013 in time of Miley’s tongue wagging MTV Video Music Awards performance. Sources had told that since then, the singer had “never got over” with the break up.

Earlier this month, Miley had her engagement-ring “selfied” which sparked a hint of reunion rumors among paparazzi and netizens.  Are they really back in each other’s arms?

This Hannah Montana star posted three photos in Instagram featuring the allegedly 3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring that Liam gave her during his proposal back in June 2012. However, in the picture, Miley downplayed the ring with other distracting elements like foul language which is said to be typical to her and also a green polka dot hat and pink coat combo which made her look like a strawberry – well such behavior isn’t new for netizens and audience alike.

On the picture, it can be noticed that the ring was on her ring finger which made the rumor started.

However, representatives for both Miley and Liam did not give immediate response to the requests of The Times’ for the comment of the controversy. So what does that really mean? The answer is still bit unclear, however the gossips seem to be more on that the co-stars of “The Last Song” are back to each other’s arms.

According to one trusted source, “Miley is where she has wanted to be for the past two years. Back with Liam and very happy. Miley never wanted to split. Things just got so bad that they really needed the break.”

miley cyrus engagement ring selfie

Back on…the ring, that is! Engagement rumours heat up as Miley Cyrus shows off bling | The FIX

Last Monday, the attention-grabbing photos of Cyrus driving a U-Haul truck with her pals over to Hemsworth’s Malibu home over the weekend surfaced. Accordingly, the songstress unloaded her stuff from the said truck after a weeklong move. The TMZ site also noted that the ring was still on her ring finger when she touched-down at JFK airport last Sunday.

Early this year, Cyrus was spotted joining a vacation with Liam and his family in Australia. According to the reports, both were looking happy, affectionate and feeling cozy with other backstage at the Falls Music Festival in Byron Bay.

On the other hand, a source from Liam’s camp said: “He’s never met anyone quite like her who has that hold on him,” an insider told the mag. “He realizes she was growing up and experimenting; he took a step back and gave her time to do that. … Miley’s always had a special place in his heart.”

Both were link to others after their break up, but the source said that both have still a mutual feeling for each other.