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What are the Alternatives to Google Docs?

Google Docs
Posted: February 23, 2016 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The most popular office suite on the web today is probably Google Docs. When Google collaborated for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets for the first time, it changed the way millions of people worked online; this was then, however. Today, Google isn’t the only company that offers web-based office applications. There is a wide range of alternatives out there.

Microsoft Office Online

If you’ve been using the Microsoft Office’s desktop suite, then the first alternative that you should try is the Microsoft Office Online. The application provides web-based versions of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word among many other tools. The services are free for home users and they don’t require a licensed desktop version. The major advantage is file compatibility as it allows you to view the documents on the Web as well as your desktop computer. Another advantage is that it uses the same interface on the familiar Microsoft ribbon since Office 2007 was released lost a decade ago.

Google Docs

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Zoho Docs

While Microsoft Office has been a name among many households, you may not have heard of Zoho. That’s too bad because this India-based company created a very nice office suite. The interface of this suite looks quite familiar as it borrowed a little bit from the ribbon interface of Microsoft. This resulted to a user-friendly web interface. Another plus is that users can actually upload files from Microsoft Office and Libre Office, as well as edit PDF files. Mobile apps are also available for iOS and Android.


The OnlyOffice suite is a newbie in the world of web office suites, but the company offers a free version of the application for personal use. It allows users upload documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that were made using Libre Office or Microsoft Office. While it has a mobile app, it is only available for iOS users.