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Super Tuesday 2: Winner-Takes-All in Florida Primaries

Primary Election Results
Posted: March 16, 2016 at 11:02 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

They dubbed it as “Super Tuesday 2”; some says it’s “Super Tuesday 3”. But for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, the number really doesn’t matter; the word “super” was good enough.

Trump Winning Florida

Several news outlets reported early on Tuesday night that Donald Trump won the primary election in Florida, defeating Senator Marco Rubio in his home state.

Trump’s win in Florida has long been predicted as he had always maintained a strong lead in the polls for months now. In fact, it gained more strength in the recent weeks leading to the primaries. He led by about 20 points in the polling average of Real Clear Politics.

His landslide win makes it clear that Rubio, who was once thought as the future of the Republicans, has really struggled in the presidential race. Rubio himself was banking on a Florida win a few weeks ago.

Since Florida, like Ohio, is among the first winner-take-all states, wherein all delegates will go to the winner with none awarded to other candidates; this has been a significant victory for the real estate tycoon.

Although it’s not yet clear that Trump will be having a very good electoral campaign. But whatever happens, his delegate haul in Florida has been his biggest just yet, which could set him up for a clearer path to being the Republican nominee for the U.S. General Elections.

Primary Election Results

Voters cast their ballots in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. Image:

Clinton Also Winning in Florida

Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton won the Florida primaries on Tuesday. This, too, is expected as she held double-digit leads against Sanders in the recent weeks leading to the Super Tuesday.

Although some say that Sander’s win in Michigan would ultimately give him the momentum he needs through the major states, Florida has proven to be a big win for Clinton; thereby, cementing herself further as the frontrunner of the Democratic Party.

Statistics will tell you that Clinton will definitely win Florida because it has the perfect combination of her strengths in the polls: seniors, minorities, and the south. In this campaign, Clinton clearly has done better in the southern states.

“In Florida, the further north you go, the more southern it gets; and that will help Hillary,” says Richard Berg Andersson of The Green Papers.

Florida is a diverse state. It holds the 3rd largest population of Latinos in United States and Clinton has been endorsed by several prominent Hispanic Figures, including Dolores Huerta who campaigned for her in Nevada. Clinton also won big in the Hispanic voters in Texas.

In 2008, the voting population of Florida was 66% white, a number which is predicted to be lower in this election. Among the white population, Florida houses a great number of senior citizens as the state is often considered to be the country’s retirement destination.

On top of that, Florida ran a closed primary, which cut out independent voters, which usually swing toward Sanders. Even after winning Michigan by over 20 points and beating Clinton, Sanders needed big wins in states like Florida to keep up with Clinton’s pace.