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5 Ways to Drive More Clients to the Limo Business

Ross Limo
Posted: January 24, 2018 at 12:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you have a great year in 2017, then this one has to be even better for your limo business. We will keep it straight to the point: read this article and learn five powerful ways to drive more clients in 2018.

#1 – Is Your Website Up To The Level?

If you are doing any sort of digital marketing, then you need to make sure your website meets the following requirements:

  • It needs to load fast (under three seconds preferably)
  • Ensure navigation is simple and calls-to-action are clear and direct
  • Accept multiple credit cards like this business in Los Angeles: Ross Limo
  • Make it easy for visitors to contact support
  • Offer discounts

User Experience is what will make your website successful. Take care of it, and the target traffic you receive in your site will offer you better returns. Take it for granted.

#2 – Put More Effort in Branding

If you want to stand out from your competition, then you need to work on building a strong and reputable brand. The main pillar of this is to offer a high-quality service with excellent customer support.

Moreover, you need to build a strong presence in social media and create content for your visitors. If you want people to recognize your brand, then you need to do it.

However, not everything is online, because you also need to exploit your offline promotion options. Business cards and flyers are important, and therefore, you need to work with these strategies as well.

Ross Limo

#3 – Feedback Is Worthy

If you want to improve your business, then you need to hear what your clients have to say. Even if they point out the negatives, you should welcome it, because it will allow you to improve your weak points and offer an even better service.

Some business owners are afraid of being criticized, but you should embrace this and see it as an opportunity to make your business improved, especially in these times when competition is fiery.

#4 – Embrace Software

If you want to boost productivity and avoid losing time in repetitive tasks, then you should get a good software for your business.

Fortunately, the market has excellent options for your limo company:

  • Teletrac
  • RTA Fleet Management
  • Dossier Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleetmatics REVEAL
  • Verizon Expressfleet

A modern company needs to implement technological solutions. If you are not doing it already, then what are you waiting for?

By managing your company this way, you will save time to invest it into tasks that are more valuable as client acquisition.

#5 – Exploit Digital Marketing

Finally, pay attention to your digital marketing strategy. You should mix search engine optimization, PPC and social media marketing, in order to drive more sales.

You should use FB groups to your advantage. The same goes for all of your social media channels. You need to create valuable content and share it with your audience, so they can recognize you as an authority.


These five ways will send you more clients. Put them in practice, track the results and see how much your business will improve.